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Ball Valve Reducer for 1.5 inch Ball Valve

Do you require more precise control when filling smaller candle molds? Use our Ball Valve reducer to reduce the size of flow. Its easy to connect right onto the Large 1.5 " Ball Valve your wax melting tank comes supplied with.


  • You can save considerable time when using this reducer. Instead of pouring your wax into a smaller vessel before filling your candle mold, now you can dispense directly from the wax melter tank.
  • Reduces flow down to 3/8" (10mm) by connecting directly onto the 1.5" (38mm) Ball Valve.  You then use the Reducer for turning flow on and off.
  • A lot less messy and much more efficient method for filling your candle molds.


  • Reduces from the 1.5" (38mm) Ball Valve to a smaller 1/2" (13mm) Ball Valve with 3/8" (10mm) flow.
  • Fully assembled and Ready to install! You do not need pipe cement or Teflon tape when attaching to the 1.5" Ball Valve.
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 220 F (104 C).
  • Withstands most acids and alkalis.


Instructions to use Ball Valve Reducer:

  • 1st step - Ensure the reducer valve is in closed position before installing.
  • Thread the reducer into the large ball valve. Its only necessary to be hand tight. Its easy to remove too.
  • Plastic to plastic makes a superior seal without the need for Teflon tape. It does not need to be extremely tight.
  • Open the large 1.5" ball valve and then dispense with the small ball valve on the reducer.
  • When you are finished dispensing, Close the Big Valve and unscrew the reducer to remove.
  • Really simple to clean - Run a twisted up piece of rag or dowel rod through the opened ball valve in the reducer to clean most of your product out and then just wash and you're ready to run your next batch.


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15BVred Reducer for 1.5 inch Ball Valve $53.43

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HANDcraft™ Ball Valve Heater

Never have the flow in your ball valve blocked again with hardened wax.  Simply attach our HANDcraft™ Ball Valve Band Heater, turn it on and warm to melt that wax.

45W 120V band heater includes adjustable Velcro straps and fits around both 3/4" or 1" Metal Ball Valves.

Note: Not intended to use on Plastic Ball Valves


Model # Description Price
BVHEAT HANDcraft™ Ball Valve Band Heater $205.00

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HANDcraft™ Heated Valve Assembly

If you've ever had the flow in your Ball Valve blocked with hardened wax, you know what a headache that can be. This Heated Valve Assembly solves that problem and is perfect for candle makers that that require continual heat from the tank to your candle molds.

  • Fits on all of our Wax Melting Tanks.
  • Comes pre-assembled and ready to install.
  • Heated Valve Assembly is easy to remove and replace with the standard 3 way Ball Valve on your tank for different operations.
  • Just plug it in and you're ready to fill your molds.
  • Includes:  1 ½” Stainless Steel Reducer Bell Coupling w/ ¾” Brass Ball Valve and 90 degree brass elbow, Foam Insulation for the Stainless Steel Bell Coupling, and HANDcraft™ Ball Valve Heater.
Model # Description Price
BVHeatAssem HANDcraft™ Heated Valve Assembly $268.50

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