Slow Speed Mixer

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Slow Speed Mixer for Wax Melting Tanks

A Low Speed Mixer is the perfect tool for candle makers. You get continuous, gentle, and thorough mixing of your colors and fragrances. Very high torque at slow speeds. Our maintenance free Slow Speed Mixer mounts easily onto your jacketed tank.


  • Food grade polypropylene Impeller Blades are 3" (7.62") wide and angled at 30 degrees.
  • Designed with a Double Blade System so it does not mix air into your candle wax or other products. Excellent for blending in fragrances and colors hands free.
  • Food & cosmetic grade Stainless Steel on all fittings including the shaft.
  • All parts including the motor channel mount are food & cosmetic grade materials.
  • This is a Very lightweight unit that you can easily mount and lift the whole assembly out of your tank.
  • The Shaft is milled 6" (15cm) in length at the center point to allow for up and down blade adjustment.
  • Geared for excellent torque and power. Thick slurries are not a problem for this amazing mixer. Note: To ensure the blades can turn freely without jamming, make sure at least some of your wax has been liquefied.
  • For full access to the tank, the Lid can easily be removed. The Lid is hinged on one side (not shown) so its easy to take a peek or add ingredients. The opposite side of the lid slips over the motor channel mount.
  • Temperature is rated to 230 F (210C) on all parts.
  • Aside from cleaning, there is Zero maintenance required.
  • If you have special requirements or any questions about which Slow Speed Mixer best suits your needs, please feel free to contact us.  We have special motor speeds up to 250 rpm.


  • The heavy duty motor is designed for continuous duty. 120 Volt.  Note: International or Domestic customers with 220 Volt requirements, just let us know when you place your order, we can install a 220 volt motor at no additional charge.
  • Motor is fully enclosed for moisture resistance.
  • Cord is chemical and oil resistant and 8' (2.4m) in length.
  • Can ship UPS.
Model # Description Price
OHM1-13 Single Blade Slow Speed Mixer for 13 gallon Tank $1,034.00
OHM2-20 Single Blade Slow Speed Mixer for 20 Gallon Tank $1,158.00
OHM2-45 Double Blade Slow Speed Mixer for 45 Gallon Tank $1,291.40
OHM2-60 Double Blade Slow Speed Mixer for 60 Gallon Tank $1,394.10
OHM2-85 Double Blade Slow Speed Mixer for 85 Gallon Tank $1,654.10
OHM2-125 Double Blade Slow Speed Mixer for 125 Gallon Tank $1,889.10

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