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Wax Melter Tank Insulation Jacket

Cover your Wax Melter Tank with an insulation jacket to drastically lower energy usage.  Your wax melter tank heats faster and your waxes or other materials will stay heated longer.


Our Tank Insulation Jacket is made with durable and efficient high R-value material. Its comprised of a heat resistant inner foam core that's lined inside and out with highly reflective heavy foil. Covering your wax melting tank with an insulation jacket is an easy and effective method to conserve heat and energy that saves you money.

Tank Insulation Jacket kit includes: pre-cut top, bottom and side panel. Plenty of heavy duty, reflective foil tape is also included with the kit.

Instructions are simple to follow and it only takes about 10 minutes to have your jacket fitted, taped and ready to go. The only tool required for installing is either a sharp knife or box cutter.

Wax, water, oils or heat do not affect the insulation value.


Constructed out of High R value ¼” (7mm), Foam Core insulation lined with Double Sided Foil.

Heavy duty foil tape is included.

Can ship UPS.


Model # Description Price
6MHJ 6 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $31.00
13MHJ 13 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $33.00
20MHJ 20 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $40.00
45MHJ 45 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $47.00
60MHJ 60 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $60.00
85MHJ 85 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $67.00
125MHJ 125 gallon Insulating Tank Jacket $99.75

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