45 Gallon Wax Melter Tank

Our 45 Gallon (360 lbs) Wax Melting Tank is jacketed to eliminate hot spots associated with direct heat wax melters. You can expect even over all heat distribution with precise temperature control.

All 304 stainless steel construction. Cosmetic and food grade meeting organic certification requirements.  Highly suited for melting and heating natural waxes such as soy wax and beeswax as well as paraffin based waxes.

At Willow Way, our customers have come to expect the best in quality. We are proud to offer these high quality, heavy duty and durable stainless steel wax melting tanks.

Sloped Bottom

Features an exclusive Sloped Bottom on the inner tank at no added cost.



The sloped design on our 45 Gallon Stainless Steel Wax Melter Tank gives you the advantage of increased efficiency.

Increased safety too, tilting your tank or stand to fully drain is not required.

Cleaning a sloped interior is much easier.


International Orders are always Welcome - Serving over 145 Countries and counting

45 Gallon (360 lbs) Wax Melter Tank
220 Volt 3000 Watt

Requires Motor Freight Shipping
Price Does not include Shipping
Please Contact us to Order
Price: $1,795.00 - Model 45MH

  • Capacity: Approximately 45 gal (170L) or 360 lbs (163Kg).
  • Tank Jacket Volume: Approximately 17.75 gal (66.74L)
  • 220 Volt, 3000 watt Heater - Thermostat: 50F to 250F (10C to 121C).
  • Draws about 14 amps,
  • Nema 6/20p style plug.
  • Outside dim. are 29" (74cm) high x 26" (66cm) in diameter.
  • All 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Must be shipped Motor Freight (Shipping Not Included in Price).

Note: This unit is compatible for all International customers.

  • To conform with your local country codes, you might need to change out the plug.
  • If you have any questions about your electrical power requirements please contact your local electric provider or electrician.
  • Unique Sloped Bottom is provided on the inner tank for better efficiency and faster drainage. Cleaning is easier too.
  • Heating Element/Thermostat with Cord ,large 1.5 Inch Ball Valve, and Lid.
  • Lid is specially designed with a molded high-temp handle that keeps it cool to the touch.
  • Extra Heating Element included. Chances are unlikely you will ever need it, but a spare saves you on down time should the need ever arise.
  • UL approved components.
  • Large 1 ½” (38mm), Three-Way Ball Valve. Dispenses thicker waxes and other liquids with ease. Tip:  When wax cools, it can block flow if it sets up hard in the ball valve. Just heat the valve with ease to restore flow with our optional Heated Valve Assembly.
    • Adjustable tension Ball Valve.
    • Dispenses at a 90° angle for minimal number of fittings and easier cleaning.
  • ½” (13mm) Inlet and Outlet for filling and draining your tank jacket.
  • Outlet & Valve Cleaning Brush.
  • Pipe Seal also included.
  • For versatility, easy instructions and formula for making Liquid Soap are also included
  • English written, simple to follow Operating Instructions.
  • Price includes Crating.
  • Setup is very easy, wax melter is convenient to use and simple maintain.
  • SS Wax Melter Tank is constructed with Food & Cosmetic Grade 304 Stainless Steel suitable for Certified Organic production.
  • Controlled temperature regulation maintains integrity and quality of your products.
  • Wax Melter Tank provides even, gentle heat distribution that keeps your wax safe from hot spots.
  • More Profit for you! You save time and money using less labor. Increased Productivity!
  • Cleaning the inner tank is super simple with the sloped tank bottom.
  • Get Going FAST!! Only in rare instances (about 5%) are tools required during your tank installation.
  • Dispense from the tank directly into your candle or soap molds. This wax melter tank can be attached directly to our EZ Fill Bottler.
  • Built for lasting durability! High quality materials and construction will serve your needs for many years under constant use.
  • Tank Jacket can be filled with Water, Propylene Glycol (PPG) or Mineral Oil.
    • PPG and Mineral oil heat slower than water. On the upside, you get better heat retention, evaporation is less of an issue, it allows for higher temperatures, and less maintenance is required. NOTE: Always use food grade quality with inhibitor when using PPG.
    • When you want to cool your products down directly in the tank, water is the best option for filling the tank jacket. Its easy to flush for faster cooling with our optional “Faucet for Water Jacket”.
  • Highly Versatile! This is the perfect melting tank for candle makers along with many other industries.
  • Our Slow Speed Mixer mounts directly on this tank. Blend your colors and fragrances directly in the tank hands free.

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